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My name is Mina Rostami, iam 17 years old and i am iranian. At this time i am with my family in germany. I have designed this page using free Microles Websaan version 3. I have planed to put in my website some photos of me and my friends.  And i have some useful programs for you too.

The links on the left are some micro website i found in internet. please visit some of them. So my english is not very vell and I prefer to stop writing.
                                                                    Thanks to you
                                                                     Mina Rostami
Some Programs for my users:
This is a Html to java online program. it convert Html code to Java. You can use it to encrypt your website or you texts.
A referer program for webmaster. You can see an example on the right of this site. You must insert the code to your boy section of your site. See the free Referer Program.

Some poeple think internet is only chat. They use internet to chat. Voice chat or simple text chat. Also I have here a chat room too. A easy text chat room with a message board. When you like click of  Text Chat and Message Board and visit other people!

A persian online text editor. Now you can write arabic and persian or farsi online. here is the Persian Text Editor. This Persian program is a free program from, You can get this software as exe file by microles. Do you like small and free software, so visit and get some free games and tools for windows.

Mina miniature is the website of Mina with miniature photos. See Mina Miniature and enjoy!

Fish online is a nice java script from microles. this script and pics are 16 kb. see example Fish Online Script and download it wehn you like this script.

Please visit by time The Joghd Club website. This is a persian website. They send click to my site. this means this is a link or banner exchange site. Joghd Club is a internet club of so means The Jogh Webmaster, of Bikaran, Bikaran are people who wont to work, or love to do nothing. I think I love too. so go to Joghd Club and enjoy!

A realy good site is the Halootools. Here you can edit your webiste with the webmaster tools online.
So visit to Hallo Tools if you are a webmaster.

One of the most useful site is the microfree website. 1000's of free features you can find by by See yourself iis realy good.

A nice Webiste with a special free software. Shirin website and the free Tond Browser. Tond Browser is realy extrem light and a good Browser to serf. Visit Shirin Free Page and have a good time

For free persian and arabic software is the website of Narmafzar a good tip. So Go to Narmafzar Free Site and download some persian freeware such as Persian Editor and Farsi Nevis!

A nice website with many usefull program like photos, freeware and infomations about virus is the Microb Line. I can say Microb is nice and you can see yourself. Here is the link to .

His name is Microsoft, but this another Microsoft as you know. This is one of Microkooft Inc. publication. Visit this Microsoft Kooft for software and fun!

Are you a webmaster and have your own website? You add add your website to the search engine without any cost. to submit your site to 17 Search Engine go to Visit now Submit Web and use it for free

Do you like poetry? Shirin Yavari kashani or shik, is the iranian Talent. visit doctor shirin kashani by: and enjoy !

Visit Setareh Jamali for more poems by: Micro Blog

And more poetry and short stories by Djaleh Hooshmand or Littalk. Littlelak Website is the page with heart and head.

Do you like Anik Poetry, also visit Andalib page by Andalib Website by Irpoetry.

A very nice website for kids is the Pantea Page, a site with online graphic program and games. Click Pantea Website for games and more!

Learn more about Persia, the mystic iran! Here is the list of the most iportant iranian websites. Iran Box is the portal of persian world.

Do you like Music? here are some music page of famouse persian singers. Visit Hayedeh page with songs and more by:

And her younger sister Mahsti website can you see by: For Mahasti for mahasti songs and pictures.

Click For Leila and visit Leila Forouhar and hear the pop music of leila

Or go to Marzieh My Marzieh and see the iranian legend Marzieh.

More from persian singer can you see by Googoosh website. Free Songs and Googoosh photos by Googoosh free Website. Enjoy persian music!

Moore program by Microsky will come soon! Thanks to visit my site and come again!